Academic Coaching

The DMDL coaching initiative provides strategic planning for the needs of the whole child, especially as pertaining to academic growth. This program provides counseling to students who struggle with learning reading and math, as well as providing assistance in educational and career plans, personal and social development and professional referral assistance.  Academic coaching is a supportive service we provide to students who demonstrate that their learning is not strictly impeded by intellectual challenges but other challenges as well. The actual practice of academic coaching can involve game playing or group discussion which challenges groups of students who have a hard time engaging in constructive and healthy group activity.

The Learning Lab provides assessment and strategic planning for the needs of the whole child, especially as pertaining to academic growth,enhancing the child’s ability to communicate effectively, to interact socially and to positively express emotion. Learning these skills builds self-confidence in children and ultimately boosts students’ ability to excel at home and at school. Coaches are highly qualified mental health professionals, experienced in multiple academic counseling situations.

These skills will be taught using a variety of methods including age-appropriate games, group discussions, movies, role-play, art therapy, etc. Our Learning Lab Coaches are very interested in collaborating with and obtaining feedback from your school’s staff so that we can adapt our program to meet your students’ needs.

The Learning Lab is created to serve an additive function to school, and to help identify what may be impending a child’s ability to learn or socially function among his or her peers.

Grades K-12, grouped developmentally