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Discover Music: Discover Life (DMDL), serving Chicago area schools since 2001, provides comprehensive services in Instruction, Academic Coaching and Fine Arts to students in grades K-12, as well as Professional Development for educators and Parent Involvement opportunities. The mission of our continuum of services is to enhance student academic achievement and life skills through supportive guidance and the implementation of evidence based instruction.

Using a direct instructional approach that connects every day life to music, our curriculum helps students improve perceptive listening, critical thinking and creative participation skills. Through practical application and integrated, standards-based content, the curriculum addresses national and state goals for reading, math and fine arts.

Our mission is to enhance student academic achievement and life skills through supportive mentoring, and by developing and implementing standards-based curricula. Our unique methods are presented from a perspective that if you meet students where they are culturally, socially and emotionally — powerful connections can be made academically.

The DMDL method

Making the Connection with Our Students

Music connects us to who we are culturally, spiritually, and intellectually.
“Because students learn differently, our unique methodology uses music to address each multiple intelligence(Howard Gardner) as they interact. We teach students to listen, respond, think, connect, and create through music (Bloom’s Taxonomy). With Propel, music is used as an example, connector, and performance tool to help students understand literacy and math concepts. As such, this curriculum could not be considered a traditional music class. It is non-traditional…and innovative.” —Orbert Davis, CEO


Listening and Responding
Prepares the mind for learning.



Thinking and Connecting
Shapes understanding.



Confirms understanding.

Leadership & Staff

Our Team

Orbert Davis

President, CEO


Mark Ingram

Vice President, COO

Dr. Lynnette Love

Dr. Lynnette Love

Director of Educational Services

Chantel Blair

Program Operations Manager

Catrina Conley

Catrina Conley

Program Operations Manager

Janel McGrath

Janel McGrath

Education Programs Developer:
Curriculum & Instruction Manager


Catrina Conley

Ofice Manager

Joshua Ross

IT Support Specialist

Arthur Turnbull

Arthur Turnbull

IT Technology Consultant
Arturo Solo LLC

Leaders in public and non-public education

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