Academic Coach

DMDL, Inc. seeks to employ Academic Coaches to provide in-person support services to students enrolled in Chicago area Nonpublic Schools.

DMDL Academic Coaching services include… assessing student learning difficulties in reading and math, assisting students with personal and/or social developmental issues, identifying and addressing problems related to various insecurities (i.e. low self-confidence), identifying and addressing family influences that may adversely impact academic growth, and other issues identified by education stakeholders. DMDL academic coaches collaborates with regular classroom teachers and provided parental support when necessary to insure the educational needs of students are being met.


  • Education:  Master’s degree or better, in related fields (academic coaching; social work; etc.)
  • Certifications/Licenses:  a plus, but not required
  • Experience:  classroom experience a plus, but not required
  • Automobile:  must own reliable automobile with full insurance coverage for visiting school sites
  • Proficient Skills:  written and oral communication; leadership; organization; interpersonal skills; collaboration; computer.

This is an independent contractor position that requires a contractual commitment from September through May (summer positions may also be available). Criminal background checks will be conducted on all candidates. Selected candidates will be required to attend all scheduled trainings and/or professional development opportunities throughout the contract period.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Demonstrate prompt and regular attendance
  • Collaborate and communicate regularly with all education stakeholders, including classroom teachers, parents, principal and DMDL staff, to provide ‘best practices’ for student academic achievement
  • With parental consent, conduct small group or individual Academic Coaching with students
  • Empower students to achieve maximum academic potential by learning to evaluate their own challenges and strengths
  • When requested and appropriate, examine the learning styles, strengths, and weaknesses of a student to give school personnel and/or parents more information about a child’s academic performance, and to ascertain the need for additional support when necessary
  • Serve as a resource link between local school personnel and parents in areas related to additional referral services
  • Maintain a knowledge of research-based teaching/learning strategies and materials

Personal Characteristics and Attributes:

Respondents must… (1). possess a firm belief that all students can learn (2). must have compassion towards children of all ages (3). must have detail-oriented organizational skills (4). should possess good relationship building skills, as well as the desire and ability to motivate, encourage and mentor students (5). able to maintain a positive, professional working relationship with others.

To apply, send a resume to:
Human Resources
1111 N. Wells, Suite 502
Chicago, Illinois 60610
Email: [email protected]