Professional Development

Workshops, seminars and training courses are organized to help teachers, staff and program providers stay up to date with new trends and learn fresh strategies, techniques and methods for classroom challenges and to develop and integrate curriculum that meets the needs of at-risk students attending public and private schools. The overriding idea behind the DMDL approach to professional development is that increased knowledge helps teachers improve student achievement. Based on Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences, this asserts that children learn in different ways, DMDL’s professional development initiative focuses on what each teacher needs to fine-tune his or her classroom practice.

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Recess Facilitation

Recess Rocks! expands upon and highlights children’s natural attraction to elements of music and movement in play and allows students to choose between structured and unstructured opportunities to explore and have fun with rhythm, rhyme and dance. Unstructured activities may include jump rope and jump rope songs, double-dutch, hop-scotch and games using playground balls. Structured activities may include drumming, choreographed dancing, and facilitated playground games that incorporate music. Recess Rocks! seeks to work with classroom teachers to reinforce classroom lessons through game-playing. Recess Rocks! will be facilitated by aspiring musicians and youth development workers who have some post-secondary training. On a weekly basis, Recess Rocks! will feature a guest professional musician who will provide enhanced musical activities.

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Arts Education Consulting


DMDL provides arts in education consulting that assists schools with creating an “arts-centered” environment. Services are tailored specifically to participating schools. Focus is given to incorporating performing arts and cultural appreciation into the school’s curriculum, providing needs assessment, implementation assistance (general music, band, orchestra or choir), training and development.

ESSA Programs