Fine Arts


This program seeks to extract life skills and lessons taken from the DMDL curriculum and focus on specific issues impacting adolescent boys and girls, both as a group, and independently. Life skills include discipline, coping, effective communication and decision-making, and life lessons on democracy, integration and responsibility. Students will experience these skills through performing Hand Chimes, Drum Lines and Piano.


Students will be exposed to visual, dance, and music Art forms and be able to connect them to different genres of music through mood and character representation. Students are also introduced to movement and dance, as it relates to the visual arts and music. Each session will involve Arts education and Arts creation, demonstrating the connection to core concepts in Reading and Math.

Thematic Units

Schools will choose from a list of themes and DMDL will facilitate the learning of language arts, history and geography during “live” musical presentations; including performances by professional musicians, representative of the cultures and musical flavors of the selected themes.

Curriculum levels: Grades K-12